#MidTownCLEMembers: The Job Search Center

Did you know that MidTown Cleveland hosts more than 650 organizations and over 18,000 workers in our neighborhood? Our #MidTownCLEMembers campaign is an attempt to capture just some of the amazing work and innovative leaders from all across the Town. As we work together to create a connected community, we’ll be working to highlight different organizations across all spectrums of work in the hopes of sharing some of our amazing diverse assets.

For February 2019, we’re excited to spotlight The Job Search Center – an organization founded by Sue Nelson is a collection of coaching services and workshops designed to assist professionals with experience in their career transitions. 

  • How long has your organization been located in MidTown?

Since its inception last year. I wanted a central location for everyone from Greater Cleveland.

  • What are three words to describe your organization?

Welcoming, supportive, empowering

  • What is something new and/or exciting that we can look forward to from your organization within the next year?

There are a few new things in the works:

  • Website redesign (We’ll have a Grand Opening for it. Watch for Coupons for Workshops and Coaching!)
  • Now that we have space in Tech Hive, a calendar of the workshops is available.
  • A research project into why job seekers are held back from obtaining work, even when they are doing everything right. This project started a few years ago and is now showing patterns we can use to help job seekers overcome internal obstacles.
  • An action-research project developing skills for the latest trends in networking and referral business development (And book!)
  • A survey and focus group for employers to share and learn best practices for finding terrific professional candidates. Currently this process is hit or miss for many employers, leading to frustration. There has to be a better way. (This project is for employers only; not job seekers.)
  • Alongside these, in development is a networking tracking software development project.
  • Where are your team members’ favorite spots in MidTown?

Well, I really like Phix and Vintage Cafés.

Is Tastebuds in MidTown? (Answer: Yes!)

The Chomp, definitely!

I love Tech Hive and the walk around Dunham Tavern.

And then, of course, there’s Gallucci’s.

(I’m a Clevelander and therefore a foodie. So shoot me!)

  • Complete this sentence “Our dream is for MidTown to….”

Stay secret. That way all our easy free parking, new cafes, grocery store will stay easy to access.  My clients will get here in a flash from wherever they are and my friends will come visit without any traffic. Although… it would be nice if we had enough traffic for Vintage to have their daily Happy Hour. Oh! And I would like more trees and rooftop gardens on the flat top buildings.