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Thank you to the many partners who have contributed interest and involvement in the re-inCarnegie project! The planning period has ended, and the resulting plan was formally adopted by the Cleveland Planning Commission on Friday, December 6, 2019.  View the final report here.

Next Steps

  • The City of Cleveland has begun to implement the Carnegie Avenue Rehabilitation Project.
  • Phase 1 includes E. 55th through E. 79th Streets. The project team held a public meeting on May 10, and the next public meeting will be held on October 3 to learn more about the construction plans.
  • The project team plans to begin construction on Phase 1 in March 2023 and complete this phase by 2025.

Final re-inCarnegie Plan

View this presentation to see final recommendations.

[pdf-embedder url="" title="Carnegie Avenue TLCI - Final Report"]

About the Project

The City of Cleveland and MidTown Cleveland, with support from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), are partnering on a plan to re-envision the Carnegie Avenue Corridor.

 Project Goals

  • Re-envision the corridor’s identity
  • Support economic development by promoting real estate reinvestment and transformative uses for the land
  • Bring physical and aesthetic cohesion to the corridor
  • Increase transportation options

Project Objectives

  • Determine the long-term vision for Carnegie Avenue
  • Identify pedestrian and infrastructure improvements
  • Identify land uses that complement nearby neighborhoods that promote walkability and transit use
  • Encourage north-south connectivity for residents of Central and Fairfax to MidTown and beyond
  • Identify key recommendations for equitable development and green infrastructure

Project Focus Area

The Carnegie Avenue Corridor Study will analyze transportation conditions from the Innerbelt to E. 105th St. 
A future land use component will focus on the area between E. 55th and E 79th St.

The Carnegie Avenue Corridor Study will analyze transportation conditions from the Innerbelt to E. 105th St.
A future land use study will examine the area between E. 55th and E. 79th St.


View the slide show from the Summer Open House (8/19/19)

View the slide show from the Spring Open House (4/30/19)

View the summary of survey responses (2/8/19)

View the activity board results from the Spring Open House (4/30/19)

re-inCarnegie Summer Open House

View footage and activity board highlights from the August 19, 2019 Summer Open House meeting.

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Project Partners

Steering Committee Members

Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.

Campus District, Inc.

Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation

University Circle Inc.

Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland

Councilman Blaine Griffin

MidTown Cleveland, Inc. Development Committee

City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development

City of Cleveland Division of Traffic Engineering

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Ohio Department of Transportation

MidTown and Fairfax residents

Dealer Tire

Cleveland Clinic

Bialosky Cleveland

Cleveland Food Hub

LAND studio

PNC Fairfax Connection