MidTown Staff

Get to know the passionate individuals behind the scenes at MidTown Cleveland. Our diverse and dedicated MTC staff members work tirelessly to drive community development, create engaging events, and foster lasting connections. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries about the neighborhood or our initiatives. Learn more about the faces shaping MidTown’s future and discover their roles and contributions.

If you’re interested in joining our team, don’t forget to check out our Work With Us page for career openings and opportunities. Learn more about the faces shaping MidTown’s future and discover their roles and contributions.

Leadership Team

MidTown_A Shaw_9-2-2022_0053

Ashley Shaw
Executive Director
216-391-5080 ext. 108

MidTown_A Giambroni_8-23-2023_0021_sm

Anthony Giambroni
Director of Community Engagement
216-391-5080 ext. 104

MidTown_E Peppers_8-2-2023_0013

Ed Peppers
Vice President of Economic Development
216-391-5080 ext. 110

Office Administration

MidTown_D Brady_12-20-2023_0051

Deserae Brady
Office Manager/Bookkeeper
216-391-5080 ext. 112

New Headshot

Alex Cala

Special Projects Manager


216-391-5080 ext. 100

Contact Deserae For:

  • Inquiry for Membership
  • Invoices and/or Payments
  • Scheduling Meetings with Leadership Team

Contact Alex For:

  • Neighborhood Safety Concerns
  • General Neighborhood Information


Community Engagement

midtown_C Hemans_11-10-2022_0056

Charon Hemans

Community Engagement Coordinator


216-391-5080 ext. 116

Contact Charon For:

  • Involvement for MidTown Community Meetings
  • MidTown Volunteering Opportunities

AsiaTown Initiatives

MicrosoftTeams-image (12)

Hope Harrington

AsiaTown Community Organizer


216-391-5080 ext. 102

Feiran 22

Feiran Yang
AsiaTown Community Organizer
216-391-5080 ext. 105

Contact Hope & Feiran For:

  • AsiaTown Volunteering Opportunities
  • Learn More about AsiaTown Community Programs and Resources
  • Create Your Own Initiative
  • Join Our Adult Literacy Class – ESOL with Mandarin Interpreting

Naomi Jia
Business Development Manager, AsiaTown Initiatives
216-391-5080 ext. 115

Contact Naomi For:

  • Real Estate Inquires in AsiaTown
  • Business Support in AsiaTown
  • Business Grant Applications & Processes
  • Translating Information (Chinese/English)

Economic Development

midtown_S Mueller_9-13-2021_0018_sm

Sophie Mueller
Economic Development Manager
216-391-5080 ext. 111

Contact Sophie For:

  • Business Support in MidTown
  • Business Grant Applications & Processes

Urban Planning

Niraj Naik Website Photo

Niraj Naik
Planning Manager
216-391-5080 ext. 109

Contact Niraj For:

  • Interest in Public Art on Property
  • Tree Planting Requests on Property
  • Programming for Tree Education & Sustainability
  • Posting for Jobs and Events on Community Dashboard

Community Outreach & Marketing

Sunda Tan

Sunda Tan
Community Outreach & Marketing Manager
216-391-5080 ext. 113

Contact Sunda For:

  • MidTown and AsiaTown Marketing Requests
  • Social Media, Web, Newsletter or Print Material Inquiries
  • Event or Program Inquiries

Need to See Us?

MidTown Cleveland,. Inc. is located in the Offices at the Agora, accesible via Euclid and Prospect. Parking is readily available via Prospect.

Address: 5000 Euclid Avenue #100 Cleveland, Ohio 44103