East 66th Street TLCI Initiative

Community partners, residents, and the City of Cleveland are working to improve the E. 66th Street Corridor through a Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency










Youth from the Hough neighborhood participate in a design session










A historic photo of the streetcar system at E. 66th Street and Wade Park Avenue









The E. 66th Street public right of way (present day)









E. 66th Street & Euclid Today







A rendering of E.66th Street & Euclid in 2022




E. 66th Street is a significant street in the Hough neighborhood. From League Park to the Fatima Family Center, Chateau Hough to the many historic churches along E. 66th Street, institutions and businesses in this corridor have served the community for years. With its roots as an old trolley line, it makes sense that E. 66th Street is an important transportation corridor.

Exciting new things are happening on E. 66th Street. The Cleveland Foundation is moving its headquarters from downtown to E. 66th Street and Euclid Avenue, the Hough branch of the Cleveland Public Library will move to Lexington and E. 66th Street, and various organizations and residents are continuing to move into the neighborhood. The community is growing and we want to hear visions for these improvements from you!


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Project Introduction Video



Screenshot from Community Meeting #2

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The E. 66th Street team is committed to making sure the parties who benefit the most from this project are the entire Hough Community.

This is why we  have continued to hold virtual and in-person focus groups and meetings, taking community concerns, questions, and ideas into account for every decision we make -  the community is our first priority in this process! 

Focus Groups:

Community Leaders of East 66th Street

Mothers from Birthing Beautiful Communities

Residents of E. 66th Street

Seniors of E. 66th Street

Women of E. 66th Street

Youth of E. 66th Street

Community Meeting #1 (5/8/20)

Community Meeting #2 (6/5/20)


[pdf-embedder url="https://midtowncleveland.org/wp-content/uploads/2020-05-20-East-66th-Stakeholder-Meeting-Final-Draft.pdf" title="2020-05-20 East 66th Stakeholder Meeting-Final Draft"]

May Stakeholder Meeting Presentation

[pdf-embedder url="https://midtowncleveland.org/wp-content/uploads/2020-06-24-Stakeholder-Meeting.pdf" title="2020-06-24 Stakeholder Meeting"]

June Stakeholder Meeting Presentation

Project Partners

Lattimore Productions

Steering Committee Members

Baseball Heritage Museum

Birthing Beautiful Communities

Chateau Hough

City Architecture

Cleveland City Planning Commission

The Cleveland Foundation

Cleveland Public Libraries



Councilman Basheer Jones


Dunham Tavern Museum

Famicos Foundation

Fatima Center

Frontline Development


Hiti Architecture

IoT Collaborative

Jumpstart Inc.

LAND Studio

Lexington Bell



Residents of E. 66th Street

St. Agnes Our Lady of Fatima

Twelve Literary Arts

University Circle Inc.