News of the Town

Shaping the Future of MidTown

There is a lot of great things happening in MidTown, and so much more to look forward to. At this year’s Annual Meeting, we wanted to highlight our civic leaders who play a vital role in bringing about innovation and shaping the future of our community. A panel with Cleveland’s upcoming movers and shakers would…

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Executive Director, Jeff Epstein discuss the State of MidTown

This year we focused on a second strategic plan priority, equally as important, that we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working on this year – creating a complete MidTown neighborhood that transforms MidTown from a pass through to a place. The MidTown team is constantly working on planning, placemaking, and real estate development under…

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Congratulations to Our Award Recipients!

Economic Development Award Max Upton, MidTown’s Director of Economic Development, presented Central Kitchen with the Economic Development Award. Eric and Gordon started the Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen in 2013, they couldn’t have imagined that their success working with food-based startups in a 3,600 square foot shared commercial kitchen would lead to such success. Six years…

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2019 Annual Meeting

As MidTown Cleveland embarks on yet another amazing year, we celebrated the great work we’ve accomplished thus far. Residents, stakeholders and civic leaders from across Cleveland were invited to learn more about the development  that is happening in our community. Our theme was “This must be the place” which eloquently summarizes our vision of creating…

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