Real Estate Literacy: A Community Conversation

Copy of MidTown Community Conversations Series

Midtown Cleveland Inc. is piloting this Real Estate Literacy educational series designed to promote a more engaged and involved citizenry, particularly minority, women, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in Midtown.


Taught by Richard Barga (VP of Economic Development, MidTown Cleveland Inc.) and Michael Elliott (Director of Neighborhood Development, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress), this free, four-part virtual course will provide participants with the basic understanding of the key concepts around real estate development in our neighborhood.




Real Estate 101: Why Real Estate? How Do We Play a Role?

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Despite its complexity, with the right skills and partnerships, it is possible to be highly successful in real estate. Real estate requires developing strong relationships with community leaders, architects and engineers, brokers, lawyers, financers, and potential tenants.

This section provides many basic real estate concepts to help residents and others in the Midtown community to understand terminology for the real estate development projects happening in the neighborhood.

Real Estate 102: The Development Process

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Many things must be brought together at the same time to make a real estate development successful. Despite these multiple parallel paths, there are still various phases in the development process that must occur.

The material in this section is organized into three different phases of development, which loosely occur during the development process in the order presented here.

Real Estate 103: Transactions, Ownership and RE Law – Parties, Rights, Zoning

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Public and private laws govern and structure all real estate transactions. This section provides insight into how real estate deals get done, explore municipalities’ regulatory authorities, and show different publicly available websites for residents to search.

Real Estate 104: Financing and Risk Assessment

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Real estate is a business, and like any business, financial success means generating a profit, a return on investment. This section will give a brief overview of how developments can be profitable but also risky, and how real estate is valued by investors.