#MidTownCLEMembers: Growth Opportunity Partners

Did you know that MidTown Cleveland hosts more than 650 organizations and over 18,000 workers in our neighborhood? Our #MidTownCLEMembers campaign is an attempt to capture just some of the amazing work and innovative leaders from all across the Town. As we work together to create a connected community, we’ll be working to highlight different organizations across all spectrums of work in the hopes of sharing some of our amazing diverse assets.

For January 2019, we’re excited to spotlight Growth Opportunity Partners– an organization dedicated to helping Northeast Ohio’s most promising job-creating small businesses reach their full potential.

1. How long has your organization been located in MidTown? 

Since our inception in 2014 Growth Opportunity Partners, also Growth Opps, has been in MidTown. We completed the build-out of our new dedicated space in the Link59 building at 6001 Euclid Avenue. While each community in NEO is special, we wanted to continue our growth in Midtown, so that is where we made our investment.

2. What are three words to describe your organization? 

Growth.  Opportunity.  Partners.  Yes, that is our name so perhaps we cheated a bit on that one but that really is how we came up with our name.   When you have a Growth Opportunity we want to be your Partners to help properly fund and execute on that opportunity driving the growth of the company and creating wealth for the business owner, the employees, and the community.

3. What is something new and/or exciting that we can look forward to from your organization within the next year?

We have just moved into new office space this past summer and our new space has been designed with the intent to invite the community into our space for knowledge and information sharing.  Growth Opportunity Partners will be hosting educational events geared toward our target small business clients and will be inviting other community organizations into our space to host their events with us as well.  We want to become a gathering place for the community and a clearinghouse for ideas that will move our community forward. In addition, Growth Opps is currently raising capital for the equity fund we launched for minority and women–owned businesses.  We are excited to see what our clients will accomplish with the additional support.  Stay tuned.

4. Where are your team members’ favorite spots in MidTown?

Gallucci’s is a favorite lunch spot with a fabulous lunch counter and some of the best sandwiches in town.  Gallucci’s has things you can’t get other places like Italian Easter Pie which is essentially a 2-inch-thick pepperoni pizza minus the crust and is decadent.  However, there are some newcomers to MidTown such as Vintage Tea & Coffee, located on the first floor of our building. It’s a wonderful gathering place for coffee, tea, or a quick bite to eat.

5. Complete this sentence “Our dream is for MidTown to….”

Our dream is for MidTown to continue to flourish with additional businesses calling it home.  That is a dream that I’m sure we share with many others who have interest in MidTown.  However, our dream is more specific than that.  In our version of this dream the development that takes place here in MidTown (and throughout the City) is an intentional and curated development.  The kind of development that seeks to include the current residents and to provide services and amenities that would allow the residents of MidTown and the surrounding areas to live, work and play right here in MidTown.