#MidTownCLEMembers: Abeona Therapeutics Inc.

Did you know that MidTown Cleveland hosts more than 650 organizations and over 18,000 workers in our neighborhood? Our #MidTownCLEMembers campaign is an attempt to capture just some of the amazing work and innovative leaders from all across the Town. As we work together to create a connected community, we’ll be working to highlight different organizations across all spectrums of work in the hopes of sharing some of our amazing diverse assets.

For December 2019, we’re excited to spotlight Abeona Therapeutics Inc. –  is a fully-integrated gene and cell therapy company at the forefront of the rapidly-advancing field of genetic medicine.

  1. How long has your organization been located in MidTown? Since 2015.
  2. What are three words to describe your organization? Hope. Courage. Perseverance.
  3. What is something new and/or exciting that we can look forward to from your organization within the next year? Treating more patients with gene therapy made in our Cleveland facility.
  4. Where are your team members’ favorite spots in MidTown? Cleveland Bagel, Gallucci’s, Dave’s
  5. Complete this sentence “Our dream is for MidTown to….” Help grow an ecosystem of people focused on building the biotechnology expertise in Cleveland.