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Neighborhood Vision 2025

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Public Art can amplify MidTown’s vibe and uniqueness, and create excitement in unused and overlooked spaces. Art transcends language and culture creating amenities all can enjoy and reinforcing a sense of shared ownership and belonging in MidTown. Not just *for* the community, MidTown’s murals, sculptures, memorials, and spaces should be created *by* the community. Building a catalog of spaces and opportunities for activation and enabling artists to register their interests and skills will help MTC and local partners create opportunities for more people to participate in new ways.

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More Art & Color


Make Public Art a Redevelopment Requirement in MidTown

Establish a public art expectation for any redevelopment project in MidTown.

Near-Term Actions


Target for any redevelopment project on public land or land controlled by MTC and partners for public art projects.

Lobby for Public Art to be integrated into provide development projects proposed in MidTown.

Establish a policy that all construction fencing must be wrapped or visually improved for the period of construction

Type of Action

Policy Change

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