ICONS_ALL-White_Community gathering

Neighborhood Vision 2025

Create Community Gathering Spaces

Though some retail destinations offer the opportunity to see and be seen in MidTown, there isn’t a central space for social gatherings and open spaces are limited. MidTown needs bold, new spaces where people can gather together. As MidTown grows, public spaces should highlight existing community values and culture, and amenities for existing and new residents. These spaces can take many forms - formal and informal, spaces for outdoor events, playspaces for children, and spaces to eat, rest, and recharge.

ICONS_ALL-White_Community gathering

Create Community Gathering Spaces


Establish Community Center(s) with Indoor Programming for All Ages

Collaborate with programming actions to provide a venue for financial literacy, arts, networking, community meetings, classroom space and more.

Near-Term Actions


Reactivate Hough Community Center, anchor with youth programming.

Reactivate Design Lab building (or other space) as community center in AsiaTown. Include culturally appropriate intergenerational programing for Chinese and other Asian groups.

Seek local anchor partner to lead coordination / activation at each site.

Type of Action

Coordination & Development

Looking For

Lead Partner & Programming