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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Connect and Empower Neighbors, Block By Block

Collective community care paired with knowledge of neighbors, resources and communities leads to neighbors sharing information, identifying concerns and acting collectively to address those concerns. Programs, initiatives, and spaces co-created with residents as a result of this Vision Plan should help residents feel empowered from their strengths to connect, organize, and lead community-building efforts in MidTown. The ultimate goal is to build organic connections among residents to foster leadership & community ownership of the neighborhood.

ICONS_ALL-White_Connect block by block

Connect and Empower Neighbors, Block By Block


Expand the Ways to Connect Local Information to Area Residents

Create stronger communication tools to reach and connect area residents. Bring existing news and resources to people in new ways (Ward 7 Observer, MTC News, etc.). And, explore new platforms (text platform, etc.) to reach people wherever they are more effectively and in new ways.

Near-Term Actions


Continuing MTC’s quarterly newsletter, MidTown e-newsletter, etc. and translate these resources for AAPI and Latinx audiences.

Explore use of text SMS service.

Identify individuals to serve as Connectors to grassroots organizations operating in MidTown, AsiaTown, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Type of Action

Marketing & Outreach

Looking For

Local Information & Events