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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Reduce Housing Stress

Stable, affordable housing is a key social determinant of health. MidTown must continue to be a home for residents and families of all backgrounds. Addressing long term affordability and displacement issues will require a multi-faceted approach to expand paths to purchase and homeownership. Financing, programming, and assistance are needed to reduce the stress often felt by local families in trying to maintain their homes or remain in the community as real estate prices fluctuate.

ICONS_ALL-White_Reduce housing stress

Reduce Housing Stress


Encourage New / Innovative Programs That Link Housing & Social Conditions

Increase the number of housing programs in the area that address resident social, health, and wellness challenges in new ways. Explore and support unique Dividend Rent Model, housing for expectant mothers, recovery housing etc.

Near-Term Actions

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Survey local health, wellness, and social service institutions to understand existing programs and aspirations to expand programs into housing.

Connect interested partners with land or development opportunities.

Type of Action

Planning & Policy

Looking For

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