ICONS_ALL-White_Health goals

Neighborhood Vision 2025

Help Residents Reach Their Health Goals

MidTown and the surrounding neighborhoods underperform the City and County in very important health metrics such as rates of asthma and diabetes in the community. This Vision Plan can lay the groundwork for improving community health by stating clearly the needs of the community, drawing new partners to provide needed services and support, and by creating physical spaces and programs that enable people to take charge of their own mental and physical health, wellness, and education.

ICONS_ALL-White_Health goals

Help Residents Reach Their Health Goals


Bring Programs to Improve Literacy and Digital Literacy to Midtown

The public engagement process identified a community desire to expand literacy and digital literacy for people of all ages in MidTown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Expanding these programs will rely on strong partnerships with local social service and educational insititutions, and partnership with local grassroots community groups to get the right resources to those who need them.

Near-Term Actions


Connect with Fatima Center, DigitalC, Cleveland Public Library, and other service providers to assess programs that could be brought to MidTown

Explore opportunities to bring free wifi to MidTown.

Type of Action

Programming & Organizing

Looking For

Educational Resources & Program Providers