MidTown hosted the CLEVELAND WALLS! International Mural Program
August 23-28, 2021

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We have put together a few different ways for you to explore the locations: a searchable map, a simple table of mural locations, and a PDF program. Use what works best for you, and please share with your friends!

HQ Map


7113 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103

ArtistsMural Locations
Julia Kuo (CLE -> Seattle, WA), Jordan Wong (CLE), April Bleakney (CLE)4600 Euclid Avenue
Max Sansing (Chicago, IL)4500 Euclid Avenue
Andrew Schoultz (Los Angeles, CA)4415 Euclid Avenue
Kate Lewis (Chicago, IL)3634 Euclid Avenue
Antoine Washington (CLE)3859 Superior Avenue
Felicia Gabaldon (Oakland, CA) and Kaplan Bunce (Kauai, HI)2930 Euclid Avenue
Jet Martinez (Oakland, CA)3038 Payne Avenue
Kevin Lyons (Brooklyn, NY)3311 Perkins
Dayzwhun (CLE)1776 E. 40th Street (access via E. 39th and Payne)
Darius Steward (CLE)1705 E. 55th Street
Detour (Denver, CO) and Hiero Veiga (Boston area, MA)4506 Chester Avenue
Noségo (Philadelphia, PA)4121 Carnegie Avenue
Tatiana Suarez (Miami, FL)6107 Carnegie Avenue
Ricky Watts (San Francisco, CA)6917 Carnegie Avenue
Glen Infante (CLE)7719 Carnegie Avenue
Gary Williams and Robin Robinson (CLE)1215 E. 79th Street
Starbeing (CLE)7113 Euclid Avenue

Explore the Map

Use the map below to explore Mural Locations, Festival HQ, and all Partner + Open House Sites! You can click through for walking directions as well as additional information about each. Enjoy!