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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Be a Hub of Black History, Entrepreneurship and Celebration in Cleveland

Neighborhoods on Cleveland’s east side represent the African American experience in the history of the United States, but these stories are not well documented. Today, Black entrepreneurs and business owners face economic, sociocultural, and institutional barriers all linked to structural racism. MidTown’s location, economic momentum linked to the growing Innovation District, the strength of the local business ecosystem, and legacy as part of a Black entertainment district offer the opportunity to create a hub of Black art, music, and entrepreneurship among the ranks of Harlem and Atlanta.

ICONS_ALL-White_Be a hub

Be a Hub of Black History, Entrepreneurship and Celebration in Cleveland


Provide Unique Support and Programming for Black-Owned Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Identify ways focused marketing, expanding digital skills, wifi access, design, neighborhood culture, peer support infrastructure and transportation can better support Black businesses.

Near-Term Actions


Outreach to Black-owned businesses to understand the barriers to starting and growing a business.

Build a searchable database of black-owned businesses and products available in MidTown.

Market Black-owned businesses through MidTown Inc. reach and website, as well as Health Tech Corridor marketing and newsletter.

Type of Action

Event Planning & Outreach

Looking For

Local Black-Owned Businesses