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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Preserve Legacy Buildings

Along with relics of “Millionaire’s Row”, area churches and industrial buildings like Warner-Swasey are monuments to MidTown’s history. Retention of MidTown’s historic structures is essential, but it takes extra effort to overcome the redevelopment challenges many of these properties pose. It will take a committed team, creative funding, and thoughtful preservation that will make MidTown feel unique and rooted as it continues to grow.

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Preserve Legacy Buildings


Promote and Reactivate Significant Buildings in Midtown

Elevate the presence of history in MidTown by promoting historic assets in the area through walking tours, events, and web presence. Encourage the rehabilitation and reuse of historic structures wherever possible to protect the remaining MidTown legacy.

Near-Term Actions


Create a map and consolidate site information on the MTC webpage.

Lead or support residents to organize neighborhood tours or walks.

Identify potential sites & acquire estimate for site control and rehab. Create partnership with private developers.

Type of Action

Research & Marketing

Looking For

Rehab-Reuse Interest in Historic Structures