Neighborhood Vision 2025

Upgrade Payne Ave to Anchor AsiaTown

Today, most people celebrate AsiaTown as a hub for Asians and AAPIs across the region, but there isn’t one clear, central heart of the neighborhood. Payne Avenue has the potential to be a natural neighborhood anchor, and development along Payne is critical to support the businesses already located there. As AsiaTown grows and develops, the uniqueness of local Asian cultures should be integrated into improved streetscape design and community gathering spaces along Payne, and community programming should center around this important street.


Upgrade Payne Ave to Anchor AsiaTown


Infill Payne Avenue with the Right Mix of Businesses and Amenities

Infilling commercial spaces fronting Payne Avenue will help create a sense of place along this improtant street by creating more foot traffic and activity throughout the week. Residents indicated the desire for community-serving amenities and the need to improve access to affordable groceries in the area.

Near-Term Actions


Focus infill development along Payne; near Payne / 30th Street.

Pursue affordable grocer or local food co-op in AsiaTown along Payne Avenue.

Pursue to establish a Cleveland Public Library presence as a cultural anchor on Payne Avenue.

Type of Action

Development & Advocacy

Looking For

Developers & Business-Owners