Neighborhood Vision 2025

Imagine AsiaTown as a Home for the AAPI Community

Concurrent with the creation of the MidTown Vision Plan was the development of Imagine AsiaTown, a strategic vision plan created by residents and stakeholders of the broader AsiaTown neighborhood - which extends north of Payne Avenue to Superior, and includes Rockwell Street (Historic Chinatown) and areas along St. Clair Avenue. The MidTown Vision Plan can support the AsiaTown community to enhance the broader community identity, sense of belonging, and cultural confidence; promote co-existence and community prosperity and realize residents self-organizing, resource flowing, and sustainability.


Imagine AsiaTown as a Home for the AAPI Community


Gather Community Members Around Events and Festivals Important to Asian Culture

Continue planning events and programming that appeal to and AAPI residents and respond to the enique community assets, values, and variety within the Asian cultures represented in AsiaTown.

Near-Term Actions


Continue organizing Mom’s Group, civil rights education, Chinese square dancing, associations.

Type of Action

Planning & Programming

Looking For

AsiaTown Residents & Ideas