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Neighborhood Vision 2025

Improve Neighborhood Safety

All stakeholders of the MidTown community - new and long-time residents, neighbors, area employees, and business-owners - share the desire to improve the real and perceived safety of the MidTown Neighborhood. These improvements will improve the health outcomes of the community and draw new investments to the area. These benefits will be achieved through the combined efforts to improve data tracking, connect stakeholders to local resources, and implement programs to bring Safety Ambassadors to the area.

ICONS_ALL-White_Neighborhood Safety

Improve Neighborhood Safety


Focus Truck Traffic in Key Streets / Intersections to Improve Quality of Neighborhood Streets

Pursue street and intersection design enhancements to support local industry along critical routes (Perkins Ave and key cross streets) to diminish truck traffic on residential streets particularly in AsiaTown and near Innovation District pedestrian pathways and crossings.

Near-Term Actions


Contact local businesses that rely on large logistics to better understand existing routes and needs.

As Perkins and cross streets serving industrial businesses are repaved or reconstructed, prioritize enhancements supporting large vehicle circulation and high-visibility intersection treatments.

Type of Action

Planning & Outreach

Looking For

Local Support & Employers of Manufacturers