ICONS_ALL-White_Health goals

Neighborhood Vision 2025

Help Residents Reach Their Health Goals

MidTown and the surrounding neighborhoods underperform the City and County in very important health metrics such as rates of asthma and diabetes in the community. This Vision Plan can lay the groundwork for improving community health by stating clearly the needs of the community, drawing new partners to provide needed services and support, and by creating physical spaces and programs that enable people to take charge of their own mental and physical health, wellness, and education.

ICONS_ALL-White_Health goals

Help Residents Reach Their Health Goals


Encourage Park Once and Alternative Commute Incentives Among Local Workforce and Businesses

Work with businesses to encourage Bike-to-Work incentives and create amenities for workers choosing alternative modes. Encourage developers to include showers and secure storage for MidTown employees in new office developments.

Near-Term Actions


Continue to expand bike parking (and scooter parking) across MidTown.

Expand RTA’s U-Pass program to MidTown.

Consider/Study Shared Parking strategy within the Innovation District and Mixed-Use Opportunity Areas in MidTown to manage parking demand long term.

Type of Action


Looking For

Property Owners & Employers