Health-Tech Corridor

A collaborative effort between MidTown, the City of Cleveland, BioEnterprise, and the Cleveland Foundation to bring a cluster of growing health-tech and high-tech companies to a 1,600 acre area linking downtown and University Circle. The HTC works to attract businesses, connect them to the real estate and resources they need to grow, facilitate real estate development for businesses at all stages, tell the stories of the dynamic businesses in the area, and develop a sense of community. The Health-Tech Corridor project manager and director are part of the MidTown staff. For more information, contact Mike Lalich.
Visit HTC Website here

Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative

A program of the City of Cleveland, managed by WIRE-Net, to help Cleveland industrial businesses build connections so they remain competitive, foster job creation, and find solutions to stimulate business and neighborhood investment. CIRI representatives visit manufacturing businesses to link them to valuable community resources that can help manufacturers improve operations, expand their industrial capacity, and maintain profitability. MidTown has a dedicated CIRI representative on staff. For more information, contact Joyce Huang.


MidTown works closely with neighborhood residents and organizations and the Third District Police to keep the neighborhood safe and secure through programming, communication, and community building. MidTown hosts bi-monthly community security meetings, coordinates an annual security fair, facilitates partnerships with private security for “dusk to dawn” patrols, distributes “Put Your Junk in Your Trunk” parking signs, distributes safety and security notices, and works with individual community members on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact Carm Kelly.

Storefront Renovation

MidTown facilitates The City of Cleveland’s Storefront Renovation Program which helps neighborhood retail districts become more attractive, economically viable, and diverse places to visit and shop by assisting in the design and funding of signage and the rehabilitation of traditional storefront buildings. For more information, contact Joyce Huang.

Paver Program

MidTown offers its members the opportunity to make a permanent mark on MidTown by purchasing an engraved paver to be installed in the “MidTown Mile” on historic Euclid Avenue in front of MidTown Cleveland’s headquarters at the Agora. For more information, contact Carm Kelly.

Development Assistance

MidTown assists developers and property owners with services ranging from site selection, market analysis, design consultation, capital stack assembly, public space integration, city entitlements, leasing, and marketing. For more information, contact Jeff Epstein.

General Support

MidTown helps residents, employees, and organizations in the neighborhood solve a full spectrum of issues – feel free to contact us about code enforcement, public infrastructure, loans and investment capital, connections to neighbors, customers, connections to City Hall and city assistance or resources, employment needs, real estate concerns, and zoning questions. If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can. Contact Carm Kelly and she’ll route your inquiry.

Community Connections

MidTown creates opportunities to build a stronger community, holding networking events and happy hours, block club meetings, the weekly Chomp food truck event, volunteer days, community clean-ups, and pitch nights. For more information, contact Carm Kelly.